Serving Pre-Action Protocol

In many countries, not only and necessarily in arbitration and mediation, but even initiating litigation in courts requires serving a Pre Action Protocol. This step’s positive effects often include avoiding litigation by adopting peaceful methods like alternative dispute settlements and other amicable solutions to solve the matter. The cost of this action is significantly lower compared to the practical benefits, such as preventing exorbitant fees for lawyers, arbitrators, experts, or consultants.

Handling warnings or initiating legal processes in other jurisdictions through a network of lawyers abroad can be a complex but effective strategy. Here’s how Libra Law can assist in this process:


  1. Identifying Jurisdictions:

Libra Law starts by identifying the relevant jurisdictions where legal actions or warnings need to be initiated. This may involve countries where clients have business interests, contractual disputes, or other legal concerns.


  1. Network of Lawyers:

Libra Law leverages its extensive network of lawyers and legal professionals abroad. They have established relationships with legal experts in various countries, making it easier to connect with experienced attorneys who are well-versed in local laws and regulations.


  1. Legal Opinion:

Before initiating any legal process, Libra Law seeks legal opinions from their network of foreign lawyers. These opinions help clients understand the legal implications, potential outcomes, and the most suitable course of action in the foreign jurisdiction.


  1. Strategy Development:

Libra Law collaborates with the foreign lawyers to develop a strategic plan for initiating the legal process or sending a warning. This includes defining objectives, timelines, and resources required for the legal action.


  1. Document Preparation:

Libra Law assists in preparing all necessary legal documents, including letters of warning, complaints, or other legal notices, in compliance with the specific jurisdiction’s legal requirements.


  1. Negotiation and Mediation:

In many cases, it’s advantageous to attempt negotiation or mediation before pursuing full legal action. Libra Law can facilitate these discussions by connecting clients with skilled negotiators or mediators in the foreign jurisdiction.


  1. Legal Representation:

When litigation or arbitration becomes necessary, Libra Law can help clients select suitable foreign lawyers for representation. They ensure that the chosen attorneys have the expertise and experience required for the specific legal matter.


  1. Cultural and Language Bridge:

Understanding the local legal culture, customs, and language in the foreign jurisdiction is crucial. Libra Law’s network of lawyers abroad can bridge these cultural and linguistic gaps, ensuring effective communication and negotiation.


  1. Case Management:

Libra Law oversees and manages the entire legal process abroad, providing regular updates to clients and coordinating with the foreign legal team to ensure the case progresses smoothly.


  1. Compliance and Enforcement:

Libra Law ensures that all legal processes initiated in foreign jurisdictions comply with local laws and regulations. They also assist in enforcing judgments or legal decisions when applicable.


  1. Cost Control:

Managing legal processes abroad can be costly. Libra Law helps clients negotiate legal fees, manage expenses, and ensure cost-effectiveness throughout the process.


In summary, Libra Law’s network of lawyers abroad allows them to efficiently handle warnings and legal processes in other jurisdictions. They provide a comprehensive approach, from initial legal opinions to strategic planning, document preparation, negotiation, and legal representation, while ensuring compliance with local laws and cultural sensitivity. This ensures that clients’ legal concerns in foreign jurisdictions are effectively addressed.

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