Selection of Lawyers and Arbitrators in Litigations

The network of trusted lawyers at Libra Law is fully prepared to represent subsidiary and affiliated companies in judicial litigations and even international arbitrations, without any concerns regarding trust in the lawyer. We can not only find a tested lawyer to handover your legal issue in Iran, but even we can manage the process of your legal issue from initiating to the final points

Libra Law can provide valuable assistance in the selection of lawyers and arbitrators for litigations in Iran. Here’s how they can effectively manage this process:


1.Legal Expertise:

Libra Law’s team is well-versed in Iranian law and the legal landscape. They can help clients identify and select lawyers with expertise in the specific area of law relevant to their litigation, ensuring that the chosen legal counsel is well-equipped to handle their case.


  1. Networking:

With an extensive network of legal professionals in Iran, Libra Law can connect clients with reputable and experienced lawyers and arbitrators who have a track record of success in similar cases.


  1. Assessment of Needs:

Libra Law starts by understanding the unique requirements of each client’s litigation. They assess factors such as the complexity of the case, the industry involved, and the desired outcome to recommend suitable legal representation.


  1. Due Diligence:

Before selecting a lawyer or arbitrator, Libra Law conducts due diligence to verify qualifications, credentials, and past performance. They ensure that the chosen legal professionals have a strong reputation and are in good standing within the legal community.


  1. Conflict of Interest Checks:

Libra Law checks for potential conflicts of interest to ensure that the selected lawyer or arbitrator does not have any conflicting obligations or relationships that could compromise the client’s interests.


  1. Arbitrator Selection:

In cases where arbitration is preferred, Libra Law assists in the selection of qualified arbitrators who are impartial and capable of presiding over the dispute fairly. They consider the rules of the arbitration institution or the parties’ agreement when making selections.


  1. Negotiation and Fee Agreements:

Libra Law helps negotiate fee structures and agreements with the selected lawyers and arbitrators to ensure that the client’s budget and expectations are met.


  1. Communication and Coordination:

Throughout the litigation process, Libra Law acts as a bridge between clients and their legal representation. They facilitate communication, provide updates, and ensure that the legal team is aligned with the client’s objectives.


  1. Quality Control:

Libra Law maintains a commitment to quality control, monitoring the progress of litigation and the performance of the chosen lawyers or arbitrators. If necessary, they can make adjustments or recommendations for alternative legal representation.


  1. Cultural Sensitivity:

Understanding the local legal culture and practices in Iran is essential. Libra Law ensures that the selected lawyers and arbitrators are culturally sensitive and can effectively navigate the nuances of the Iranian legal system.


In summary, Libra Law assists clients in the selection of lawyers and arbitrators for litigations in Iran by leveraging their legal expertise, network, and due diligence processes. They ensure that clients are matched with the most suitable legal professionals to achieve their litigation goals effectively.


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