Providing Legal Opinion

In many cases involving disputes or domestic/foreign matters with an external element like governing law, place of performance, payment location, etc., it is necessary to seek advice from an experienced Iranian lawyer in the form of a legal opinion (Legal Opinion). Our trusted Iranian colleagues are fully prepared to provide this service in all cases.

Providing Legal Opinions in Iran is an essential service offered by Libra Law to help clients understand the legal aspects of their business or personal matters. Here’s an elaboration of how Libra Law delivers this service:


  1. Initial Consultation:

The process typically begins with an initial consultation where the client discusses their legal concerns and objectives with Libra Law. During this meeting, the client provides relevant information and documents related to their situation.


  1. Understanding the Issue:

Libra Law’s legal experts carefully analyze the client’s issue. They delve into the details, including the relevant laws, regulations, and precedents that apply to the specific case.


  1. Legal Research:

Extensive legal research is conducted to ensure that all aspects of the issue are thoroughly examined. This includes reviewing applicable statutes, case law, and any recent legal developments that may impact the client’s situation.


  1. Risk Assessment:

Libra Law assesses the legal risks and potential consequences associated with the client’s matter. They provide a comprehensive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the case.




  1. Legal Analysis:

Libra Law’s legal team provides a detailed legal analysis of the client’s situation. They explain how the law is applied to the specific facts and circumstances, making the legal aspects easily understandable to the client.


  1. Written Opinion:

Once the analysis is complete, Libra Law prepares a written legal opinion. This document outlines their findings, legal analysis, and recommendations. The legal opinion is presented in plain language, avoiding complex legal jargon to ensure clarity for the client.


  1. Client Consultation:

Libra Law schedules a follow-up consultation with the client to discuss the legal opinion. During this meeting, they go over the findings, answer any questions the client may have, and provide guidance on the best course of action.


  1. Further Assistance:

Depending on the client’s needs, Libra Law can offer additional assistance, such as helping with contract drafting or negotiation, guiding them through regulatory compliance, or representing them in legal proceedings if necessary.


  1. Regular Updates:

Throughout the process, Libra Law maintains open communication with the client, providing updates on the progress of the legal opinion and addressing any concerns or additional inquiries.


  1. Confidentiality:

Libra Law prioritizes client confidentiality and ensures that all information shared during the legal opinion process is treated with the utmost discretion and protection.


In summary, Libra Law’s approach to providing legal opinions in Iran is client-centric and comprehensive. It involves a thorough understanding of the client’s issue, in-depth legal research, clear and understandable legal analysis, and ongoing communication to ensure the client is well-informed and supported in making informed decisions regarding their legal matters.

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