Intellectual Property

Your ideas and innovations should be accessed and legally protected by for example easily filing an initial patent application. Main categories of IP include Trademarks, Patents, Copyright and Trade Secrets.

Providing legal consultancy in this area requires an analytical brain and deep knowledge of the relevant laws like Law of Registration of Patents, Industrial Designs and Trademarks, Paris convention for the protection of industrial property, Madrid and Lisbon agreements. What is more, in businesses e-commerce activities, protection of domain name holders’ rights is really important. Here in Libra, we can represent you in court or arbitral institutions in courts and international commercial arbitration.

However Iran has already joined some of international convention like Paris and Madrid, has not yet joined some important ones like TRIPS and Bern; According to our experiences, foreign companies have many troubles regarding infringement of their patent rights in Iran therefore they usually require assistance of high qualified and skilful lawyers to file suites and protect their rights in the territory.

Our well-trained IP lawyers offer a full range of legal aids to individuals, SMEs, startups, technology and pharmaceutical companies. We can provide you IP advisory and litigation services in the areas listed below:

  • Patent and Trademark Registration Services
  • Reviewing IP infringement claims and defending your IP rights
  • Protection, enforcement and exploitation of IP rights
  • Legal advice on transfer of IP rights franchising licensing and under other agreements
  • Advising on protection of personal information and licensing of cryptographic operations;

If you require more detailed guidance in order to settle your complex IP disputes, simply you can contact our IP team.

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