Construction Law

Construction law normally outlines the framework of construction projects and the relationships, rights and obligations of the owners and contractors. Construction and building lawyers should have deep knowledge of construction regulations, framework of commonly adopted standard construction contracts and security of payment issues.

Our knowledgeable team provides legal advice to different individuals and entities, head contractors, property owners, construction managers,subcontractors, project managers, trade contractors, suppliers and etc.  The range of Libra construction services are broad. Having the right construction lawyers onboard will ensure that your rights are protected. Our legal consultancy include the followings:

  • Tender and project documentation
  • Drafting and reviewing construction contracts
  • Negotiation of enterprise agreements
  • Construction litigation and dispute settlement
  • Preparing bidding documents

Are you thinking about engaging a qualified lawyer for your construction projects?We know what you are going through. You can simply contact our lawyers and construction negotiation specialists!

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