Banking Law

Banking law disputes are normally complex from easy deposit deposits to complicated transactions. This area requires knowledge of different banking regulations like the Banking and Monetary Act and the relevant bylaws. Our legal service providers can represent borrowers and lenders in the project finance, infrastructure, and public-private-partnership fields.

Libra legal advisory services in this area include the followings:

  • Advise on fund finance and financial institution and corporate banking facilities
  •  Financial markets law and legislation including banking regulation
  • Assessment of banking regulations
  • Advise a borrower (individual, SME, business) or a lender (individual, corporation, bank) on a case

Moreover, obtaining information on tax regulations of the territory you want to invest, import and do business, is one of the most important matters you need to know about; we are ready to provide you a comprehensive report on different types of tax like VAT, Corporate, Property Tax, giving you a true overview of taxation system of Iran and also preparing and submitting an annual tax sheet for your business.

Here in Libra, our team is committed to provide high quality legal advice for individuals and businesses. For more information, you can simply contact us.

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